The St. Pius X/St Leo Soccer Club offers recreational soccer teams for ages 3 to 14 (pre-school to 8th Grade). Our club has 400+ players and over 30 teams. We play in the Omaha Catholic Youth Soccer League (CYSL), a recreational league composed of 19 pari

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Week 1
Ravens v. Eagles
Badgers v. Saints
Lions v. Knights
Tigers v. Bears
Coyotes v. Sharks
Cardinals v. Scorpions
Week 2
Knights v. Eagles
Lions v. Saints
Tigers v. Ravens
Scorpions v. Bears
Coyotes v. Badgers
Cardinals v. Sharks
Week 3
Saints v. Eagles
Knights v. Ravens
Lions v. Badgers
Scorpions v. Tigers
Sharks v. Bears
Cardinals v. Coyotes
Week 4
Saints v. Ravens
Badgers v. Eagles
Scorpions v. Knights
Sharks v. Tigers
Coyotes v. Bears
Cardinals v. Lions
Week 5
Saints v. Knights 
Badgers v. Ravens
Lions v. Eagles
Sharks v. Scorpions
Coyotes v. Tigers
Cardinals v. Bears
Week 6
Badgers v. Knights
Lions v. Ravens
Bears v. Eagles
Sharks v. Saints
Coyotes v. Scorpions
Cardinals v. Tigers