The St. Pius X/St Leo Soccer Club offers recreational soccer teams for ages 3 to 14 (pre-school to 8th Grade). Our club has 400+ players and over 30 teams. We play in the Omaha Catholic Youth Soccer League (CYSL), a recreational league composed of 19 pari

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Welcome to St. Pius X/St. Leo Soccer Club Micro-Soccer!

2022 Spring Season

Registration is open now through March 4th for Spring Micro Soccer.

To register, please visit:

The MicroSoccer season is a 6 week session, starting on March 27th and ending on May 15th (there will be no games on Easter Sunday or Mother's Day). All games are played at 1:00 pm on Sundays at the St. Pius X soccer fields (south side of the school and parish center).  They are preceded by a 10 minute practice session beginning at 12:50 pm.   If we have 2 or more weather cancellations, there will be 1 possible rain makeup on May 22nd. 


Kids will need a SPSL Soccer T-shirt and shin guards. If this is your first year (or if you need a new shirt), you can pick up your child’s T-shirt at the soccer shed starting at 12:30 on the first game day.  We will not be there before 12:30 pm, so there is no need to get there earlier.  Your child does not need any equipment except for shin guards. Cleats are optional – tennis shoes are acceptable at this level. Soccer balls are provided for practice and game play - but they may bring their own if they wish.

Please bring a filled water bottle for your child - they’ll do a lot of running and it can get warm on sunny days.  In order to prevent crowding after games, we will not be providing juice boxes after games this year.

If you already have a T-shirt, plan to be on your field by 12:50 so your child can meet their coach and warm up with their team. 

Health/Covid Guidelines

Even though the games are all played outdoors, we ask that you keep distance between households while on the sidelines and strongly recommend masking when you are unable to keep distance from other households. To protect all of our unvaccinated players, we strongly encourage all coaches to wear a mask when in close contact with their players. Please continue to follow the recommended guidance and stay home if anyone in your child’s household has symptoms or is awaiting test results. We are looking forward to a fun season for our kids and need your cooperation in keeping it safe to play! 

Rainout Info & Other Announcements

There is no rainout phone number.  To get rainout information, refer to

You do not need a twitter account to look this up.  This is the ONLY place micro rainout information will be posted.  

The weather always proves to be ambiguous on game days. Because so many factors affect playability, cancellations are not determined until 11:45 am and will not be posted before that.​ The St. Pius fields can hold a lot of water and still be playable once rain stops, and wind/sun can make huge differences in whether a day is nice, or miserable.  Make-up for a cancelled game will only be scheduled if we have 2 or more cancellations. 

Rules of Play

Here's how it works:  Micro-soccer is played on a smaller field with no goalies (3 kids vs. 3 kids) and the teams are co-ed and a mix of ages 3-6. Our games are played 3 x 3, with no goalie. We do not keep score.  We play four 10-minute quarters with a couple minutes between quarters and a three minute half. 

Rosters and Field Schedules

You will receive a separate email the week of the first game with your team assignment. Team rosters and field schedules will be posted on the website prior to the first game. The season dates are also posted on under the micro tab, so you can refer there for those. When you receive your team assignment, please let us know if there is an error on a roster.  We always try to meet team requests as best we can.

The micro-soccer fields are marked off with flags prior to the start of practice. We place a white board up near the shed with the field #’s and team names. One team will be assigned “Pinny” jerseys that will go over their SPSL shirt that will be picked up at the shed prior to the game.


Coaching is easy and fun!  Coaches arrive at 12:45 to help finish setting up goals. They instruct the kids which way to run and stop play if they get too far out of bounds.  Coaches keep 3 kids in at a time and switch them out whenever someone needs a break.  Coaches take down the goals and bring them back to the shed.  Some seasons we are very short on coaches!  Please sign up to coach or find a friend to co-coach with you! 

Tips & Suggestions for First Year Players

We are excited to have so many new families this year!  Micro-soccer is a fun, no stress way for your child to start to understand the basics of soccer and team sports. The T-shirts typically run a little large so you can plan to wear it over whatever they are wearing or knot the shirt to make it fit better.  Plan to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on while you’re watching, and while your child is taking their break from play. There is very little shade, so plan to bring sunscreen on the sunny days. The Parish Center is typically closed, but there is a port-a-potty near the soccer shed and playground if needed.

Also, some of our littlest players can be very stubborn and independent. Every parent has had their 3 year old stop in the middle of the game to sit down, run back to their parents to ask for a snack, or run towards the opposite goal.  Do not stress about this - everyone has been there, (plus - it's adorable). We try to keep the teams with a mix of ages so the youngest ones can see what the older players do and copy them. They'll get better at each game, are learning the very basics of team play, and running off some of their never ending energy. We are looking forward to a fun fall season! 

If you have any questions or concerns please email me.

Have a great season!


Jessica Lathrop

Micro Soccer Coordinator, SPSL Soccer Club